The scope of the 29th CIRP Design Conference, to be held from 08th to 10th May 2019, will be to review and discuss the advances, research results and industrial improvements in the field of design and engineering for products creation, which is facing significant and radical societal and technical changes. 

The Conference’s objective is to provide an international forum of researchers a place to share and discuss visions, state of the art and innovations in the field, to disseminate the recent advances, views and perspectives, and thus, to generate a significant impact on the future of design and engineering for products creation.


Regular Topics:

  • Design theory

  • Complexity in design

  • Design methodology, methods and tools

  • Smart design and design of smart products

  • Design for X

  • Design of X

  • Design and production information modelling and management

  • ICT for Design

  • Creativity and emotion in design

  • Design education

  • Case studies and industrial experiences

  • Emerging issues

Advanced Topics:

  • Open Design

  • Open Innovation

  • Design in Large Networks

  • Formal theories of Design

  • Collaborative Design

  • Design as continuous process

  • Standards for Design

  • Design Phenomenology/Ontology

  • Design formal languages