The CIRP Community

International Academy for Production Engineering - CIRP

CIRP is a world leading organization in production engineering research and is at the forefront of design, optimization, control and management of processes, machines and systems.

CIRP promotes research and development among its members from both academia and industry to contribute to global economic growth and the well being of society. We aim to develop the highest level international network of eminent researchers and industrialists to marshall their knowledge and insights.

The Academy has restricted membership based on demonstrated excellence in research and has some 600 academic and industrial members from 50 industrialized countries.

Focus on STC Design

Multiple Scientific and Technical Committees (STCs) make up the CIRP organisation. The groups are responsible for coordinating collaborative research projects undertaken by the members.
STC design deals with 5 topics. More information here.

  • Conceptual and innovative processes in engineering design

  • Design for economic manufacture, coordination with manufacturing

  • Computer-automated systems and the integration of technological and economic methods

  • Interfacing of CAD/CAM systems

  • Databases for CAD systems